Rules of Play

  • Play is restricted to 10 playing children. We reserve the right to refuse entry based upon capacity. During the current pandemic this number could reduce.


  • Parents/Guardians must supervise the children using the play equipment at all times 


  •  We the staff monitor the play area and have the right to ensure all visitors and children are behaving and playing in a safe manner.


  • Vistiors who are unwell must not enter POP Play & Party Parlor 


  •  Children must remove their shoes before playing in the play area.


  • No food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum are to be taken onto the play equipment.

  • Lids must remain on hot drinks at all time.

  • Pens, buckles, Jewellery, watches, money, sharp objects, etc. must not be taken onto the play equipment Personal items must not be left unattended. POP Play & Party Parlor does not accept any liability for the theft or loss of any items.​

  • We do not accept any form of verbal or physical abuse towards customers and Staff.

  • All play sessions are to be paid for online, however walk-ins are allowed subject to availability

  • Whilst every effort has been made and continues to be made to ensure the safety of children, any accident must be reported to a member of staff and logged in our accident file. Due to the nature of play sometimes accidents can happen, parents and carers are responsible for their child/ children’s safety whilst at POP Play & Party Parlor. Our accident report file aids our efforts to ensure safety. A first aid kit is available at reception

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POP Play & Party Parlor

1 Dovecot Place 

Liverpool L14 9PH